Welcome Back to Belfast

Brenna was feeling a little guilty that she had to run out on Kian. They had finally gotten some time to themselves when Aife called. Brenna had been appointed Seneschal for an interim period. So when Aife called her she had to leave Kian.

Brenna had left a voice mail with him asking him to take her on a date as it is called. If he accepted she would be waiting in her apartment at eight the next night. She was waiting for him in a new outfit she had bought for the knight. Her dark red top was a suit style long top. The neckline was low cut. It flared out at the waist leaving the perfection of her lower abdomen revealed. Her skirt was tight black leather that clung to the curve of her legs. The bottom of the skirt stopped about an inch above her knee’s and the black boots that covered her lower legs.

She was sitting in the bar when he came in.

Kian paused to take in the view. Brenna was all woman tonight — no ambiguity at all. He smiled because that meant she really meant to focus her attention on him tonight and he aimed to return the favor.

He stepped softly, almost silently as was his habit as he walked through the bar in his expensive shoes, black designer jeans with a heavy belt and brass buckle, and a long-sleeve dress shirt with the top two buttons open to reveal what appeared to be a brass and ivory necklace. His shirt was such deep crimson it appeared to be almost black in the lighting of the bar, and the cuffs and collar had ornate gold stitching.

Clearly, Kian had been taking fashion lessons and investing his money.

Brenna only had eyes for him as he crossed the room. She slid off the bar in one sultry motion. “You look tastey.”

He gave her a suave smile. “I barely hold a candle compared to your flame,” he said.

Brenna returned his smile. “Hmmm. You have been studying since left. Your words move more like poetry.” She moved in close to him, close enough that there was barely an inch between them. “I have learned a few things too.”

“Thank you,” he said. Smiled and then added, “Will you show me what you learned?” A blush of life entered his flesh, reddening his cheeks slightly and enlivening his lips. He put his arms around her and she felt that he was, indeed, happy to see her.

Brenna returned the favor of life to him, and she did indeed feel and look very much alive. With her gifts of bloodline and the blush of life, it was very difficult to tell that Brenna was anything but human, even to other Kindred. In fact, the only ones she came across who could tell were Mages for they looked at something entirely different. Maybe Lupines could smell the difference.

Brenna traced the line of his face and ran her finger down his forehead, nose and lips. Her heart was beating for him and he could feel the warmth in her skin. The delicate perfume she had chosen was intoxicating. “If you promise not to be angry, I will show you.”

He chuckled and said, “Promises? You don’t need them. Trust in me as I trust in you, my lovely one. Show me what you have learned.”

She smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Can we go out first? I hate to ruin your clothes before we get a chance to leave.”

Kian raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Well, that would be nice since I don’t have another set like this yet.”

Brenna’s eyes lit up. “Great!”

She took his arm in hers and headed out. “Where do you want to go?”

“Some place we can show off a little,” he said. “A place with some live music, maybe a little dancing, and where the drinks flow all night. I know just what we need. And I have a car waiting.”

Brenna practically purred with excitement as she followed him to the car. “I have to say Kian you are impressive tonight. Your time with Veronica is well spent. It shows.” Though her eyes were full of excitement, her voice was neutral and calm.

He smiled. “Good. I like to think I can learn new tricks. Besides, I like to show off for you.”

“You do?” Her smile said she knew the answer. She slid gracefully into the car and closed the door. Once they were on their way she spoke up again.

“I know I was a bit of a bother to you on this trip. I apologize for that.”

Kian laughed as he wove through traffic in the early evening. “I don’t mind that. I’m sorry if I was ever short with you on the phone, too. But you know, I kind of got used to talking with you and when you didn’t I worried.” He flashed her a grin before returning his attention to the road. “I realized I like being the guy you can depend on and the one you talk to when the chips are down — or up.”

Brenna let out a sigh. She was playing human at the moment and decided to do a thorough job of it. “I am glad to hear that. Well if there is anything you would like to know about the trip or anything just ask.”

“Is there something I should know?” he asked with a sly wink.

Brenna looked quietly at the floor. “There is probably a lot that you would find interesting. Other than your sire killing mine. But some of it I want to save for later.”

“Okay, then just tell me what you think I should know now,” he suggested. “It will be a few minutes until we get there anyway.”

“I have lost faith in two members of our Coterie. Also I think it would be a mistake for Shawn to be groomed as a Sheriff. He is too busy playing harpy to repsect even his coterie. It concerns me that he met with The Herald of London. I had meetings with elders of my own, but it was only to learn of my grandsire and times past. I have no one other than elders to turn to for such information. I am too old for anyone to even remember me unless they are an elder.”

Kian looked over at her for a moment, then returned his attention to the road. His expression was strange, difficult to read, but it passed almost immediately.

“If that was why Shawn was meeting with her I don’t care. But we were warned that she is dangerous and with his other actions, it makes me wonder what he was up to.

“Did I tell you he tried to turn me against you? He tried to manipulate me.”

Kian frowned. “Some people are like children. You let them out of your site for one week and they’re running wild.” He sighed. He didn’t question Brenna’s word in this because he knew she wouldn’t have embellished anything. Not for something like this. He knew it happened just the way she said it did.

“That’s serious stuff,” Kian said. “Very well. He will never be Sheriff so long as I have any say in it.” He looked over at Brenna again. “Anyway, you’d make a far better Guardian if you wanted it. I know that in terms of status in this city it would be kind of a demotion compared to being Master of Elysium, but maybe you’d just think about it for me?”

There was a pleased look to her as if being given a compliment from a master. “You think so?” She thought about it for a moment. “That is so very tempting. I hate the dance of polotics. However I am not sure that I should leave the spot to someone other than Coterie. Though I have to say I am impressed with how Tara has handled things. I always knew she could do the job hands down, but I had to make sure she was on my side, our side.

“You know Kian I feel bad by talking about Shawn and Moira this way. It pains me that they acted as they did. I have discussed it with Aife. Just so you know I told her of my behaivor too. I lost my temper more than once and I only lucked out that it did not cause a problem. Shawn even helped me with it, but then.” She shook her head.

“Do you think you’ll be able to work these things out with Moira and Shawn given a chance to really sit down and talk about it with them? Or has that tactic already been tried?” he asked.

“I tried talking with them. They both know where they stand with me and what their actions were doing, and they proceeded with them. I don’t know.

“You know I have to deal with the enemies of my past. I have to choose to rekindle an alliance that was betrayed by Palladius. I have to let go of my hate of the lupines. Moira and Shawn seem insubstantial to that. If I really wanted to I have enough to hurt them both.” She smiled slightly as she looked at him.

He nodded. “I believe it. I guess you will simply have to make a choice whether to have your revenge now or simply keep what you have on them against the day they ever humiliate or harm you again.”

“Aife has declared that I must take any revenge against Shawn within two days. As his death is scheduled. But that is for the human world, I will not forget what he has done simply because he wears a new face. I will hold my cards and wait for the right moment.” She watched him for a while.

Kian nodded. “That’s wise.”

He pulled off the road and into a parking ramp. From there, they walked amid bustling, early-evening activity toward what appeared to be a kind of dance club. There was a long line outside, but Kian led Brenna to the front, showed the bouncer a business card and was allowed immediately inside. Clearly, his influence in mortal society was growing — that or he had somehow made arrangements ahead of time.

Inside the pub, their ears were blessed with the lovely, rhythmic strains of celtic-style music. A local group was performing on a stage and a few people were even engaged in some distinctive cultural Irish dance. Kian paused and turned to her with a smile. “Would you like a booth out here where we can listen to the music and watch the dancers, or would you prefer a private room where its a bit quieter?”

Brenna was delighted with the music. “Dance with me first!” She moved toward the dance floor and held her hand out for Kian. She was all smiles as she moved her hair long and flowing red. She was in her natural form for him tonight.

He smiled and dove into the dance as well as he could. While he was certainly a beginner at it, he kept to simple moves and surprised her by knowing how and what to move at what time.

Brenna laughed in delight. Her joy was showing in everything she did all the way to her eyes. She danced with him for a couple of songs and then left the dance floor. She threw her arms around him in a hug. “I’m ready. We can go to someplace more private.” Her smile had not faded.

“Great!” He led her away across the dance floor, stopping only at the bar to order a couple drinks. They might not drink any of it, but it was expected so he ordered without really caring what they brought him. Then he and Brenna slipped away out a side door into a narrow hallway. There were several doors here, but he stopped at the far one in particular, produced a key, and went inside.

There were facing couches and a coffee table between them, as well as a house phone. It was a place for privacy, to do business, or simply to get away from the hubbub of the slightly touristy main area of the place.

Kian guided her to a seat on the nearest cushioned leather couch, then sat down next to her. They could hear the Irish folk music playing in the background, but it was reduced in volume enough to talk with ease, while still making it unlikely anyone outside the room would be able to pick up any part of their conversation.

“There are a few perks to having contacts with the Catholic Mob,” Kian explained with a wicked little smile.

Brenna layed down on her backplacing her head in his lap. Looking up into his eyes. “You really are amazing Kian.”

He ran a hand through her gorgeous hair and then smiled with amusement. “Well, let’s just keep that between you and I.”

Bernna sat up and curled her legs in next to her. Her eyes were full of mischief. “You want to see what I learned now? Or would you rather wait until we get back?”

He looked at her as his imagination ran off with him. An impish gleam reflected in his eyes. “Oh I think sooner is better than later in this case,” he said in seductive tones.

Brenna moved to the door and made certain is was locked and secure. Then she turned to Kian with sex in her eyes. She crossed the floor to him with every move promising delights he had not dreamt of.

Once in front of him she let her hands slide down his body as she sank to her knees. She gave him gentle pleasure until his body was rigid with need. Then she grabbed him by the arms and moved him into a lying position. She was being forceful, and showing him exactly waht she wanted while giving him what he enjoyed. She held him and moved him with a strength she never had before.

Although he was surprised at first Kian began to move his body in cooperation and coordination with Brenna’s startling forcefulness. Accustomed to a more docile Brenna, Kian found this new version so exciting he followed her lead to its orgasmic conclusion.

Kian had Brenna in is arms during the afterglow of sex. He couldn’t help but wonder, “You did learn something new in London, didn’t you?”

Brenna smiled like a child caught doing something naughty. “ I did. I hope you are not upset with me. I really am enjoying tonight and I would hate to ruin it by making you angry. However I do feel guilt over obtaining this knowledge.” She paused for a moment in thought.” Though technique is all I learned.”

Kian laughed. “I can see when I look in your eyes that you are with me when we are together. So I don’t mind if you gained an education in sex or how to handle yourself from someone else. I won’t be jealous or angry unless you tell me I don’t measure up to my rival.”

Relief showed on Brenna’s face. “There is no one who could ever compare to you Kian. Not in my eyes. I did not go out looking for it either. We had some time to kill while waiting for Princess to get things in order, and well he seduced me. Granted I had been curious about him and did not fight I guess. I am sorry for that.” She laughed.

“I was afraid I had betrayed you because I was with another Kindred. But he has a similar understanding with his Sire.”

Brenna was quite for a moment and then asked, “ Are you sure it is ok? That I have not hurt or upset you?”

Kian smiled, “Of course.”

Brenna looked worried and began to get up. “I knew it, it’s all tits up now.”

Kian grabbed her and kissed her forcefully until she stopped struggling. And then he said in a soft voice, “Silly girl.”

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