Wood if I Could

Timeline: Early December

It had been short, but busy shift at the Blood & Brew, and Rey was glad to be getting him. Rose had shown up to be the one to walk Rey home.

“You are very chipper today Rey. Why might that be?” Rose asked with a devilish smile.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Rey grinned, deliberately ignoring what Rose was alluding to. “It’s a beautiful day, and the customers were more generous than usual.”

“And we took care of that virginity problem too I take it?” Her smile widened.

“It’s not a problem.” Rey fought to keep a grin off her face. She hoped to drive Rose – and especially Lyla – crazy for as long as she could before telling them anything.

Rose looked surprised. “Oh you little slut.” She smiled broadly. “Well I suppose I won’t make you kiss and tell all the details. Was he good?”

“He was a perfect gentleman, and did everything I asked him to, and more.” Rey wondered how long it would be before Rose realized she wasn’t really answering any of her questions.

“Alright I get it. So he was good.” For the remainder of the walk she only made small talk. She gave Rey pointers and the like. Once there, she was amazed to see all the wood Rey had. ” You have a lot of wood here Rey. To bad it is not men”

“What the… where the heck did all that come from?” Rey looked at Rose. “That wasn’t there when I left this morning.”

“Oooh he comes in the night and leaves you with wood.” Rose laughed at herself.

“Rose!” Rey’s cheeks turned pink, which she hoped was hidden by the cold weather, and she hurried over to the wall of logs. “Dear god. Look how much there is!”

“Who left it?” Rose asked as she inspected the wood. “Mmm, how I love looking at wood.”

“Stop that!” Rey protested, but couldn’t keep from grinning. “I don’t know who left it. It’s not like they left a sign or anything. Maybe they left a note somewhere.”

“Oh Rey can I touch your wood?” Rose playfully stroked the wood and called out vulgar things.

“Only if you promise to be gentle,” Rey called back, and laughed as she walked up the stairs. That’s when she saw a log at the base of the door, with a piece of paper sticking out from underneath it. “Hey Rose! Someone did leave a note.”

Rey picked up the log in one hand and the paper in the other and proceeded to read.

“Wanted to make sure you stayed warm so here is a house warming present.”

After the words, there was a line and some scratches, like someone wanted to write more but their pen either froze or ran out of ink.

“They didn’t sign their name, but said the logs are a housewarming gift.” Rey walked to the end of the porch near the wall of logs to hand Rose the note.

Rose looked at the note. “Hmm they didn’t sign it, too bad now you will never know who’s wood is keeping you warm.”

“Why don’t you give it a sniff to see if you can pick up his scent,” Rey said. “Maybe he’ll give you some good wood too.”

Rose rolled her eyes and then went around the cabin. She shifted into wolf form and returned to sniff the note. Then went off, shifted, and returned again. She said,” I don’ t recognize most of the scents on there. However there was a very faint trace I think I know. Smells like the doctor.”

“The doctor. John?” Rey was surprised. “Wow. That’s really…” She paused. “Generous. Oh, he better not have. No, wait. Grey didn’t say anything about… No, he probably didn’t. Okay, so he’s just being generous.” She saw the look of confusion on Rose’s face.

“Sorry. John came into the bar about a week or so ago and while we were talking asked me if I wanted him to ask Grey to ask me out. I told him not to, that I wanted to handle it myself.” As soon as she said it, Rey knew Rose would probably have some comment to make about handling things.

Rose grinned like the cheshire cat. “I bet you did.”

“Why, yes I did.” Rey chuckled and tucked the log she was holding under her arm. “Thanks for walking me home, Rose.”

“Yeah no problem. Listen I am going to run now because I detected Bjorn not far from here. No reason upsetting Iron-Claw if we can avoid it. Stay out of too much trouble.” With a smile and a wave Rose vanished into the woods.

Rey went inside and immediately stoked the fire in the stove. That done, she called John.

“Hello, Ramiel’s house John speaking, how may I direct your call?”

“Hello, John. It’s Rey.” She deliberately kept her voice neutral. “You’re the one I’d like to speak to.”

“Hello Rey.” After a slight pause, John said, “What can I do for you?”

“Did you arrange for a little bit of wood to be delivered to my place?”

“Oh, did it arrive then. Good good. I hope it keep you warm. For Christmas, I plan on giving you something to keep you safe, then you will be safe and warm. I know some of it is split and some is still whole so you can burn it through the night. If you need any help splitting the rest let me know and I will sharpen my ax.”

“Will do. And thank you, John. You’re a very generous friend.”

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