A new face a new life

I met with the Cotorie and decided to not marry the ghoul Sarah Kennedy. I instead borrowed the money I needed against my life insurance policy which had built up equity.
I borrowed the money I needed from Moria and Paid the Dr. when the money comes in I will pay Moria back and be even with the boards. Which is in fact what I did.

We all went to the farm and I faced the sun. We were buried in the ground to contemplate the comming event a sort of vigial. Then the next night, we pushed out way through the earth to face the sun. I was the first out after Aife. Then Kian then Breanna and then Moria I think. We were starting to worry about them. I thought the sun might go down before they would break free but they arose in time. Then there was a celebration and orgy. The food tasted like food again it was almost like being alive. I just tasted things, I figured it might taste good but I would just have to void it later. After the ghouls left we had a private ceremony in which I confessed the sin of my pride. I struck Brenna. I need to never strike or lash out at the people that have my back.

Afterward I went under the knife, I don’t know why the Dr. was drinking Martini’s since they normally can’t affect our kind but there it is. His nurse was very sexy and good looking but something of an ice queen. Then again she works for the reconstructive surgeon so I wonder if its all natural as far as we can be natural. To say it hurt would be an understatment, to stop me from thrashing around he removed my arms and legs, to stop my screams he removed my larynix. After 4 days, I looked good if scared, the scars will fade but I must exert my will to maintain this new look or my body will revert to what it was. After about a week this new look will be permanent. So it is done and I begin the path to my new life.

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