Trina’s Report on the London Trip

Kian took Trina aside for debriefing once things calmed down a little after the ambassadorial group had returned from London.

He took Trina aside in the kitchen of his haven and sat her down on a stool. “Trina, first I’d like to mention that I appreciate your efforts in the mission I sent you upon to London. They all arrived safely and everyone respects the job you performed. However, I would like to hear in your own words an account of what happened in the trip.”

Trina nodded. “Of course, master.

“The trip across the Irish Sea was both short and uneventful. Once we arrived in Britain we found ourselves in Lancaster. I could tell right off they appreciated a strict enforcement of the rules of hospitality and formality and did my very best to serve the ambassador’s group well. I must have gotten very lucky or said just the right things, however, as I seemed to become a slight embarrassment to the others, who were not as well trained in formal matters as I.”

Trina looked up worshipfully at the master standing before her. “I remembered all your advice and teaching, master, and I made it known to those who asked that it was you who taught me.”

Kian looked a little surprised, but he nodded for her to continue.

“After that I was sent away. I spent some time around town in the company of a ghoul that appeared to be attached to the Prince’s court or perhaps served the Master of Elysium there. When the group was ready to move on, I had arranged for transportation by train.

“Unfortunately, trouble struck while on route to our next stop. I was in the dining car having a drink and speaking with the bartender when there erupted a fight. I kept my head down when I realized they were lupine shapeshifters of some kind doing the fighting, and pulled the bartender with me into cover. Master Shawn and Mistress Brenna — I think Mistress was involved in this, but I am not completely sure — engaged the werewolves. I’m not sure why. In any case, we found that our part of the train had been separated. The battling shapeshifters left the scene and so did we, once the cars came to a stop. Moira, at this time, was then separated from our group.

“We stopped at Nottingham, but our stay was brief. I do not think the others liked that place very much. I was able to arrange for transportation from here and met up with Moira. From there we journeyed to London where I made sure they were delivered to the haven the local Kindred had prepared, then removed myself to a hotel suite where I awaited further instructions from you.”

Kian waved his hand. “You needn’t go into detail about that.”

“Yes master. Well, it was about a week later when the other were ready to return. But they’d lost a gift, as I understand it. The gift was in the form of a new servant, named Sarah Kennedy. We pursued her to Birmingham where we found that she had gained employment with a local limousine company. She had a friend with her, but she appears to have gone missing before we arrived. The masters took her again, though Kennedy seemed rather defiant and upset. I don’t know what her problem is.”

Kian frowned. “Was she mistreated some way?”

“Not that I saw, master,” Trina confessed. “But she was clearly terrified and remained that way all the way back to Belfast. It sounded to me like it was something Kindred of London told her that upset Kennedy to the point of rebellion.”

Kian appeared satisfied with her explanation. “I see. And was this Sarah Kennedy present with the ambassador’s team for the duration at London?”

“I believe so,” Trina nodded.

“Thank you for your report, Trina.”

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