London Report

A report about the trip to London. The short version is we went and managed to come back in one piece. Though barely. Oh yeah and we accomplished the mission.

In the following i have left out some details, either they are personal or they piss me off to much and there is not enough paper to write on. So to keep it orderly I have broken the trip down into encounters.

First encounter. The Train

We had not even made it to London; in fact we had not made it to the mid point. Werewolves attacked the train. Why we don’t know. The end result of this encounter was we lost Moira as the cars on the train were separated and we made it to a hotel on foot.

There was an investigation about the incident and we left Trina to deal with it and catch up. She did and we moved on and met up with Moira again. We made our greetings

in Nottingham but chose to continue our journey. They were less than happy to have us there.

We arrived in London and I endured a few insults. We prepared for court and went to present ourselves. It was cancelled and we had a few nights free. Though we were presented a gift from the Lady of London. Sarah Kennedy a ghoul to serve as our guide to the city and court. She was presented to all of us.

It was Sarah who informed me that there was danger in the city for Moira or myself. She did not know which, but an attack was planned. I informed Moira, and she took note of it. But decided that she wanted to go out. So we all went out.

Second encounter.

We had gone to some bar and met with Charlie, a descendant of the Lady of London and kin to Shawn. The attack happened here. We noticed a group of men who had targeted Moira, and they had a blade. I sent Sarah for the car and tried to lead Moira away. They followed. Shawn ended up dealing with one of them. I ended up fighting another. I was stabbed with a poison filled blade. I recognized it as viper poison. I t nearly killed me. Most likely Moira would not have survived it.

This event ended with me in a bad mood, one I had nearly been killed and had viper poison in me. Two we should have never left in the first place knowing the danger was out there.

Encounter Three

We took the one who stabbed me, and interrogated him. However Shawn chose this point to anger me, and continue to openly mock and insult me. Shawn had a choice to make in this instance, to leave me be and let my anger fade, as he knows me well enough to know my moods. Or to push me and show no respect for me. He chose the latter.

I got the information we needed from the man it did not take much. They were hunters, a group of hunters given information about kindred and they wanted to make a kill.

Fourth encounter.

Moira sent us after the hunters. She knew that the address we were given was the home of a group of hunters and she ordered us to go after them. She wanted to know how they got the info on her. She was also acting as thought the power of ambassador had gone to her head. She was treating me as a lesser outside of court.

Both she and Shawn had shown lack of respect for me. They were treating me as someone other than a Coterie member, something less than friend. I made note of this.

In this encounter I was staked and Shawn came very close. But we made it out and with the hunter. Again I retrieved information from him. They had received their info from a churchman. Moira seemed to be trying to figure out how to go after him too. I talked to her and told her that would not be wise. That she was asking us to do things we would never do in Belfast. I told her she was doing things in London that Eife would not approve of. Again she took it into consideration.

It ended with us turning the hunter over to the sheriff and not going after the churchman.

We had a night or so here to ourselves and I took care of some business of my own. I wanted nothing to do with Shawn, and Moira was gaining ground in that area.

The last part of the mission was the Underground. This took place after we met with the Lady of London formally. After Vlad showed up at the house we were staying and after Shawn spent so much time with the Herald of London.

I met with the Lady in private. The next night I left with Dante to go to the underground. That was my plan. I did not want Moira to go because the safest place for her was at the house, and she needed Shawn to protect her. Plus she was having some personal difficulties that I had helped her with.

But when Dante showed up Shawn decided he was going. I told him if Moira was staying then so was he, and he ignored me.

Truthfully I could write a long time about this, but I am going to sum it up. We all went, even Sarah. A lot of things happened there. I met with some contacts, made some new ones hopefully and in the end we ended up surviving and accomplishing what I went down there for.

Though we ended up picking up a stray wolf, that Moira allowed to stay and then sent the ghoul to a hotel with. I warned her against this. Telling her that Sarah did not want to come to Belfast and was pretty uppity for a ghoul. So she was liable to do anything to keep from going to Belfast. She did, you know.

My efforts in the underground helped cement the Lady’s choice to back us. She did discuss this with me before I agreed to go down. I informed Moira of this to as princess kept bitching. I apologize for that.

Dante was the bright side of the trip. I got to know him very well and I like him. He is going to come and we are going to play jazz sometime.

A lot happened in London. I am not the same as before I left. I have lost faith in two of my coterie members as they have treated me as such. I am greatly disappointed in them both. Moira surprised me, and you may be proud of her, good for you then. She deliberately treated me with disrespect, as did Shawn. He tried to turn me against Kian, to manipulate my feelings and me. You do not do this to friends or to Coterie members.

I am sure they will say things about me as well. I lost my temper a couple of times, but caused no harm or damage. I went out of my way to serve as protector to Moira in more than one way. I nearly died twice for her. I had meetings of my own, and was gone overnight without telling them where I was or what I was doing. It is personal. My concern with Shawn spending time with the Herald is this. We were warned she is dangerous, and I have suspicions it was for more than greeting family. This is based on his attempts to manipulate and use me.

The mission was successful. I learned a great deal. Made a good friend in Dante. I am glad it is over.


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