The Return Part Four

“Most of the visions occur that occur during the day are the surreal ones and the one’s from ages past. I’ve have visions of what could only be hell, torment, and anguish; visions of ancient times and ancient loves. The Celtic/Viking ones are the strongest, but not the only one. They are the ones I’m fixated on though. So much so that I thought about going to the west country to find out if any of the places I saw are real.”

“Wow,” said Kian. “Are you sure all this is coming from the connection you have with me? Or are you perhaps tapping into someone else, too?”

“I don’t know. I never asked for this and certainly don’t want to purposefully steal into another’s dreams or nightmares. Can you answer me this, when you sleep – during the day – do you sleep, or is it like coma?”

Kian hesitated. “The simple answer is that I’m just a corpse. But that’s not strictly true. I mean, if disturbed I’ll awaken. And when we sleep for years on end, Brenna says you have dreams. Others say you have nightmares and that’s all you have to keep you company through the decades. I’ve heard some say that it happens so intensely, replaying old memories so often that they become warped, dream-like so that when you awaken you can’t be sure if your memories are just memories of fanciful dreams or if it was real.

“But that’s for the long sleep. For short times such as during the day? I’m not sure what really goes on since I don’t really remember my dreams. It’s possible I could be dreaming anyway, but… it’s just that some of those images, like the Celtic and Viking one you drew, aren’t familiar to me. I was born… not that long ago and died even more recently.

“Still I wonder because it’s been shown to me by powerful people that I’ve had past lives, some of which may have taken place during the periods you’ve drawn from. Brenna, I know, is convinced that in another life I was her lover — and the one that took her and made her what she is now. But who can really say? She slept for so long that no one can be certain of memories from back then.”

He hesitated. “But then again, maybe you can. If you are seeing even memories from past lives, or possibly connecting with those close to me, you could be seeing deeper truths than any of us can recall. Do you suppose there is some way for us to find out?”

“I don’t know. I really can’t control it, save to ignore it, wave it away and the like. Only an hour ago I literally read your mind’s eye, and that took a lot out of me. I guess with training I could learn, but who could train me? By myself I don’t know if I can. I discipling enough, that isn’t the issue. I guess, few people have experience with this, eh?”

“I guess it’s something you’ll have to learn for yourself, but you don’t have to do it entirely on your own. You can test things out with me,” Kian offered.

She smiled, “Thank you. This has been a change. But thanks to your forthrightness and kindness it is a painless one. I hope I can help you too. You are a good person Kian. Vampire or no, you are no monster.”

“I like to think so,” he smiled. He stood up. “Now I think I’ve taken enough of your time tonight. I’m sure you have a lot to think about. I could stop by in a few days, if you like, and we could talk again or perhaps try some experiments. I’ll try to come up with a safe way for you to contact me as well.”

“That would be nice, ” She kisses him on the cheek. Her lips are soft and warm. Her affection, genuine, unforced and without jealousy or envy, “You have my word, nothing shall be said of this. You have my numbers and know my place of residence. Let me know later how you wish me to contact you.”

“I will,” Kian replied.

He walked silently away from her apartment and then faded away into the night.

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