Inquiring Minds

Timeline: Late November, 2007

Ramiel was deep in thought as he shuffled the many pages of maps he had been working on. It was taking him time to trace the ley lines in town but it was worth it. Eventually he and Michael would be able to build their own hallow and sanctums and both had been putting a lot of work into it. Michael had been staring at Ramiel for about ten minutes. Eventually his persistence paid off.

Ramiel finally looked at him and sighed. “What is it Michael?”

“Well sorry for disturbing you,” Michael said sarcasticly. “But I was curious if you could spare a few moments. I have wanting to ask you a few questions.”

“Yeah I can spare a few moments to talk. The ley lines are not going to go anywhere I guess. What is on your mind?” Ramiel stacked the maps up on his desk and sat down in a chair facing Michael.

“Don’t take this wrong, cause we get along pretty well, but it seems that something is bothering you. And I don’t mean Daniel.”

Ramiel opened his desk drawer and took out a bottle and two glasses. A small incantation later and the liquid inside the bottle was chilled. He slid one across to Michael when filled. “You don’t ask the easy questions do you?” He sighed and took a drink. “Yeah there is a lot going on in my life right now.”

Michael took the offered glass, and as he drank, he felt the warmth of the alcohol spread out as it went down.

“You are right, I don’t ask the easy questions. And now that I asked it, is there anything you want to get off you chest, so to speak. Cause I don’t have anything pressing at the moment, so we could talk as long as we want.”

“There has been a lot of buildup from events over the summer. Daniel has been a big part of my anger, but not all of it. You know Ariyah is pregnant, and it is easy to guess who the father is. After what happened between Lyla and I Ariyah does not think I am safe to be around. But she sees and treats Lyla as though she were human.

I did not expect it to bother me so much. I don’t want to be a father but I have to say that the life I could have with her does have some appeal. That has made me struggle with myself; I know what I am and what I will do. I also know that it was necessary, all of it. Lyla has always been with me and seen things the same maybe even more now that she has changed. But Ariyah is not like that.”

Michael nodded as he took in the information. Then asked, “Why don’t you want to be a father?”

Ramiel was surprised to hear Michael say that. “Why would I? At least why would I want to now? I don’t think I would be a good Dad. I mean, no way I am giving up my lifestyle. There is just too much left to do. That plus I have to agree with James on this one, it would be too dangerous for a child in my life.

“However I am surprised at myself. Even though I don’t want to be a father the thought of being shut out of my child’s life is almost unbearable. “

“I understand why it would be bad to bring a child into the world now, with what we are dealing with.” Michael took another drink, and set the glass down. “Why would you be shut out of your child’s life?”

Ramiel took a deep breath his thoughts wieghing heavy on him. “I know what I am about to say may make you hate me. If it does it is because of my choice of words. I just don’t know how to say it any differently to make the real intent be understood. Ariyah thinks I am dangerous and need help because I nearly killed Lyla. No it is because I attacked Lyla she sees me as an abbusive man who needs help with anger managment. It did not sit well when I told her I was in complete control of my actions. What I did not tell her was I enjoyed it.” He paused momentarily before continuing. “Not the fact that I nearly killed her, I thought she could take the damage combined with an overly effective attack made that mess. But I enjoyed the fight, the surge of adrenaline, and the power that was wielded by both sides. “

He took a drink and sat his glass down tracing his finger around the rim. “I have no quams over killing. In fact I often enjoy it, the struggle the hunt, the battle between two opponents. Not many will understand that without thinking the worst of me. Fighting is instinctive to me, it feels good. I am not an angel — demon maybe but not an angel. I do what others can not, or will not to ensure that things are better in this world. It started with revenge for my mothers death. I still wnat that, but it has grown into more.

“We see so much that the sleepers would never understand or have a chance against. So it is up to us to either let it take over the world or to stand against it. So lately I have been going out on missions for James hunting things down and taking them out. I find that it sooths me and helps keep me from killing Daniel and just maybe from crossing that very thin line I walk.

“So that is a not so nut shell explanation of why Ariyah does not want me around. She has good reason to want to protect our child. I just never thought it would bother me so much.”

“Who says I am going to hate you after hearing your explanation,” Michael replied. “I think we share the same viewpoint on killing. You are right, in that we see things that the real world doesn’t want to know about or care.

“I am with you on killing those things that go bump in the night. To protect those that we love, and those that don’t know what really goes on.”

Michael paused and took another drink, “So what things are you taking out for James?”

Ramiel paused for a moment. “Yeah taking out the bad guys; those that cause harm, not the innocnet. Most would not see my words that way. They would think that I meant in general. But that is what I have been doing for James, helping hunt down things that go bump n the night and infringe on his territory. There is pressure from the Pure to the west, as well as more and more incidents. Rose was caught in a pit trap placed by a hunter. A good hunter.”

“Have you caught or found any sign of this hunter?” Michael asked. “If you don’t have a problem with it, do you mind letting me help with taking care of those things that go bump in the night?”

Ramiel’s eyes held a sultry glow tot hem as he spoke. “I go bump in the night, are you going to take care of me?”

“You know I can’t help myself with that. You and Rey are the only ones that let me play. In all seriousness no we have not found any sign of the hunter, that is why we are concerned with it. And to answer your second question, yes you can help us with it once we find out something. That is of course assuming James does not go off on his own to take care of it.”

Michael slid his glass toward Ramiel to fill. “Well if I was to take care of you, you would have to wear a sexy dress,” Michael teased. “So what have you done so far to track this hunter?”

“I look good in leather.” He filled the glass. “At this point nothing has been done, other than watch the trap.”

Michael asked, “Could you take me out to this trap to look at it? And anything else you may believe this hunter has done.”

“Yeah I can take you out there. When do you want to go?” Ramiel asked.

“Anytime is good for me, the sooner the better,” Michael said. “How long ago did you find the trap?”

Ramiel wondered what the urgency was for Michael. “A day or so ago. James and I looked all over, we even waited to see if someone came back. They didn’t. There is no sign of the hunter. Look, I am willing to take you to see this, but I don’t know how Ironclaw will react to it. It is pack business and his territory. I figure I am lucky he let’s me help out from time to time.”

“Hey, I’m don’t want to tread on anyones feet here. I just thought I might notice something that you guys might have missed. You know, with all that police and military training I have, and all.”

Michael took another drink, then added, “I don’t know Ironclaw all that well, so I don’t know if he would want my help. Let’s just ask, and see what he says. If it’s no, then it’s no skin off my back, but I am seeing Selene, and I don’t want to see her get hurt. So if I can be of assistance, then I want to help.”

Ramiel smiled. “I thought as much. I have no problems with you helping. But just in case let’s run it past James.”

“Sure lets go and see what he thinks,” Michael said.

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