The underground

Well the underground was everything I dreamed it would be; unfortunately I was having a nightmare at the time. It didn’t start out to bad but as we go deeper it gets worse and worse.

We saw a young wolf child type, but it ran from us. Then do you know how hard it is to see a black cat at night? Well it’s about as bad as trying to see a black wolf in the stygian darkness of the tunnels, only you have more incentive to see a creature that is trying to maim you, and I am not talking about the cat.

Anyway the black wolf, ran at me took a few swipes; I was truly impressed with Brenna she actually tried to reason with it. She said we weren’t there to fight. And then when it swung again she attacked and actually hit it. Then Dante piled on and even Moria got into the act. They were just pinking it, by the time I had unlimbered my knives. It had taken a swipe at Dante and then run off, whiff whiff whiff whoosh and gone. We eventually went got to the Secret entrance to the place Brenna needed to go and while she went inside with the ghoul the rest of us got to wait outside in the dark dank tunnels waiting for the thing that go bump in the night to find us. One of them did bump into us and it looked like a normal man dressed in evening cloths but I doubt it was what it looked like. It said something to the effect of “I thought you kind were all gone from here or had been destroyed” then I said something like “No we are still here. Then it turned and walked away, I came to my sense and called out it oh did you mean the ones that were here before us?” But evidently it was done talking. It made my flash light not work or at least my flashlight was not working while it was around. Then we met someone or thing playing chess with an invisible opponent. The small were wolf came back being chased by two larger wolves. The chase and fight ended almost right at my feet. The young wolf begged for my help and I was going to let it die. It was a were wolf matter you see and not any of my business. I was going to let it happen and walk away… I think that thought will haunt me for some time to come… I didn’t realize it, but my humanity is slipping away. Our Ghoul went to try and save the poor child and then all of us sprang into action. Moria took the blow meant to disembowel the Ghoul. Dante told the wolves to go lick them selves somewhere else then shot it when it tried to attack.

I Jumped in and hit it solidly with a knife. Brenna pinked the other wolf and kept it from Moria. The other wolf then attacked Dante and the big one mussed my clothing and I mussed up its fur. It howled and fled. I think Dante could have kept up with it but I couldn’t have. Unfortunately, Sarah had drug the wounded Werewolf down the tunnel the wolves chose to flee down. I didn’t think we would get there in time but they ran right past. I stopped the worst bleeding on the wolf child and picked her up, after all that trouble I wasn’t going to just feed her to the wolves, literally in this case. Dante found this Fantastic Place to hide, if the wolves can find us here well they deserve the meal. I am going to stay awake all day if I can. More later

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