A hard day’s day

Well, I decided to stay awake all day just incase our new little friend’s friends deicided to see if she can come out and play and maybe stay for a bite while all are asleep.

Brenna also stayed awake. She seem restless and energetic and driven its been getting worse and worse, If she were mortal I would say she had too much caffine. Wolf Girl finally woke up she seemed afraid at first but our servant Sarha calmed her and soon she began to speak. She said that her family had been wiped out. There was some spiritual upheaval coming and the werewolves had banded together and were performing a ritual to keep it from happening. The last time it happened most of the mages shielded themselves, apparently some of the shield fell or no one warned the mage that they needed to be shielded. The werewolves fled and the Vampires Died or went into torpor.

This maybe the cause of the culling that happens every now and then but I don’t know. It might be worth mentioning it to Cinamon and definutily passing on to the Lady and my line. They said that they had hoped London was big enough for it to not happen but apparently its not.

Anyway the “Pure” betrayed her people who call themselves the “forsaken”, not really sure why the pure seem to be such bastards and what the forsaken are forsaken of or by, but those are the names she used. So the Pure have hunted her people to extinction and she is the last one left. She wants to go with us.

After the sun went down and the others got up, Moria, Sarah, Jen and I returned to the surface. Sarah and Jen went to a one place to get a bite to eat while Moria and I tried several different places. Its odd Moria keeps asking for raw meat. Why would anyone want to eat raw meat? She had been severely wounded and I had used a lot of my life source dodging opponents, calling my strength, and healing my wounds so we all needed sustenance. I called Kian to see how he felt about inviting a were wolf to join us. He said we only had to regulate vampire kind not any others unless they started to breach our masquerade. I did bring up the point that the Fianna used to be our allies. Maybe this young one can be a bridge between our people and we can build a new bridge of trust.

When we got back Brenna was actually smiling, I don’t remember her smiling before. Moria has been acting moody lately; well actually she has been having mood swings. Before we went back down into the underground Moria gave Jena and Sarah money and told them to get a hotel room and call us every several hours. Our Servant Sarah was obviously relieved. Soon we will go back down; I hope like Bilbo Bagends we can use the title ‘there and back again’.

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