Insult or Injury

Well another day in wonderfukingful London Town. More Kindred have entered this Haven and insulted me, than anywhere else in my entire life, granted one of them was the Hessian and one sorts of expects it from him but still.
A knidred calling himself Vlad Tepish was going to use powers on me in the haven granted to my by the Prince of London with out my permission. Let alone the fact that the he was ordering me about in my own home. Granted with as old and scarry powerful as he is, I am not going to go crying to Mommie about it either. The people here are rude and arrogent and scarry powerful.

All that being said, now the Lady of London wants us to go down into the London Underground to try and figure out what is going on. We almost didn’t go because Breena wouldn’t tell Moria where we were going and Moria was having trust issues. I am still not sure why Brenna was trying to order me around but hey she was right, in a way I let my pride and friendship get the better of me. I don’t know if she is playing me or still mad at me.

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