Epilogue for Azlu Aftermath

Timeline Period from October 15th to November 7th, 2007
Selene had run to get John Beckett, who was in the lobby arranging for their expected extended stay as the werewolves worked on repairing the damage to the Spirit World the Azlu had done. He, as well as Michael, were led back to Ramiel’s room were he continued to give Lyla CPR. It took John only moments to realize that her body was far too damaged to function on it own. He had no choice but to call the ambulance. Inevitably, the authorities would have to be involved.

The trip to the hospital was hardly more than getting her moved across the street and parking lot to the emergency room. Ramiel, still shocked she had not simply regenerated and gotten back up in a few hours’ time, was coldly informed by Bjorn that her body had sustained too much damage to repair itself. At that point, only time — and luck — would enable even a werewolf to recover.

Dealing with the police was a sticky matter. Due to the damage done to her, the hospital had to inform the police of an incident. Ramiel told them that her attacker had been someone else who had left just before he arrived. It was a lie, but Bjorn and Selene (under Bjorn’s order) backed him up. Bjorn knew that Ironclaw wouldn’t want police involvement any more than Ramiel did. Selene was furious. No blood was on Ramiel, and given that the damage done to her would indicate use of a weapon such as a meat cleaver, yet no weapon was found, the police could do little other than question him until or if Lyla woke.

Meanwhile, the shocked and angry Selene called James Ironclaw and gave him a somewhat biased, yet mostly accurate report on what happened. Bjorn interrupted her call to give him a more level-headed interpretation of what had happened between Lyla and Ramiel. At least, they were able to report what they saw of it, which was most but not all.

Angered, Ironclaw brought the rest of the pack to Saratoga Springs immediately. On the way, Grey managed to calm him enough to avoid a dangerous confrontation. Grey tells him that violence without understanding is likely what almost got Lyla killed. Ironclaw begrudgingly agreed, but assigned Grey to the task of finding out what really happened. Then, he told Grey, he’d decide what needed to be done.

Ramiel contacted Ariyah as well, knowing that the werewolf healing rites would be too obviously inhuman to use in the carefully monitored intensive care ward. Ariyah’s healing spells were very subtle and could be used with no obvious, vulgar effects. The pack wasn’t able to see Lyla in her present state, but with care, Ariyah told Ironclaw and his pack that she could help Lyla to recover without drawing undo attention to her true nature.

It quickly became clear that Lyla’s werewolf nature and higher metabolism caused many pain medications to work very differently. The doctor’s chalked it up to being allergic to certain forms of medication. What it boiled down to was that Lyla was in for a very long, very painful recovery and there was little anyone could do about it. Nurses eventually were only able to administer heavy doses of tranquilizers with the idea that she would suffer less and have less risk of organ failure due to her reaction to morphine and similar drugs, if she were asleep.

Ariyah reacted with surprise when she heard of the incident. She knew Ramiel loved Lyla, but when she saw the damage he’d done to her, she was shocked. She remained quiet and held her own council during the weeks ahead in which she would have to make many trips to restore her reserves of mana. This kind of healing was expensive in terms of power, and she did not have infinite reserves; but then nor could she risk healing Lyla too fast and thereby gain unwanted official attention for the pack.

Ramiel was with Lyla every moment for two days from the moment she was admitted. He sat by her side, avoiding food or sleep in that time. Perhaps it was just as well — there were many very angry friends and associates who might have otherwise cornered him in a confrontation over it. No one was willing to get into it in Lyla’s own hospital room.

By the end of her second day on machines, Ariya had healed her enough the doctors — to their own surprise — were able to stay that she had managed to stabilize and that they felt comfortable enough to take her off life support machines. Ramiel then abruptly left. He left her a note. It read:

I can’t take what I’ve done to you.

It was unsigned, but it was done in his own handwriting. When Lyla awoke that day, only a short time after he disappeared, she read the note, then turned her face away and silently wept.

It was only a couple days later that Grey, after speaking in detail not only with Bjorn, Selene, and John, but also with Lyla, felt he had a grasp on what happened. He then left to try to track Ramiel down. Using spirits as well as his natural abilities, he followed Ramiel back to the Appalachian Trail. He followed Ramiel for days as his quarry ventured south seemingly with purpose. But Grey caught up with Ramiel in a small town bar after a solid week’s journey. They had a long talk over drinks and eventually, Ramiel was convinced he should not disappear from Lyla’s life.

Ramiel headed back to the hospital then. By this time, Lyla’s three week hospital stay was nearly concluded. Her recovery is remarkable, said the doctors, and they were very pleased to report she was to be released in only a few days. After leaving the hospital, Ramiel took Lyla home.

By this time, the most of the pack had returned to their home territory. It still needed to be watched, protected, and someone needed to look to Lyla’s newly Blood and Brew bar.

That evening Ramiel took Lyla to his room. All was very quiet in that part of the house — and very peaceful.

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