Shot to the head

He was talking to Police Sargent Tobby Carlille when he saw her come out of a bar with a man he thought was a small time Catholic Enforcer. He couldn’t quite place her but dam she looked familer. So he said goodbye to the Sargent and told him to have a pint when he was off duty. Then he followed them while he tried to work it out. Unfortunately he didn’t try and stay hidden well enough, and the man told him to fuck off. His damnable pride kicked in and Shawn told him to rethink his talk. He got a punch in the stomacke for his trouble. So he hit back and the fight was on. The man backed into an ally and drew a knife. So I grapped him and was going to make him drop the knife, when he was suddenly wearing his brains. Then the woman shot him in the head, it was just a graze but it hurt all the same. He grabbed her and bit her and drained her. Then took her home and tied her up so what to do with her. Kill her or keep her or let her go. Calling around for advice didn’t help. Kian said kill her but some sliver of humanity said that would be wrong. In the end he let her go but he knew he would be seeing her again.

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