Leaving London

We sent Sarah and Gen away and decesended in to the Depths. We soon found ourselves going down a spiral stair it ended in the cornor of a large room a stream ran through it, part of an old sewer system no doubt. Brenna took point from me since she knew where we were going. We came to a bridge over the stream. Brenna crossed it first, I waited a bit for her to get ahead for she was hidden and I could not see her. Dante managed to keep track of her. Soon after she reached the door I started across the bridge. She screamed and I quickly ran forward and entered a nightmare from my past. I relived the time of my embrace but it was as if I knew it was my past and could somehow change it. Steven and Micheal were there or at least I thought they were. It was some creature influencing my thoughts but at the time it was so real. I broke from my cage and grappled with Steven/Brenna I was going to take his knife away and fight them. Then Micheal/Dante attacked me, I am not sure who or what he saw. In my dream I realized I coudldn’t stand against Micheal and so since I alreadh had Steven I was going to run out the door. A door which happened to not be there in reality. It weakened the creatures hold on me and I was able to quickly throw its influence off. Unfortunately Brenna and Dante weren’t so quick. I had to void hurting them while not getting hurt myself. And then I looked up and saw some creature of mist and shadow flowing toward us. I grabbed Brenna and started for the door. I was really hoping it was a really door this time because I was getting wounded trying not to wound my allies.

It came after us and was going to kill us. Brenna made a torch and lit it. I freaked out and ran but the shadow was ahead of me it moved incredible fast. It boiled my blood but it was cold not hot like fire so I ran on. It took all my vitae and I fought the hunger and tried to get far away from my friends least I turn on them in my need. When I came back to my self my friends were approching and dead rats lay strewn around. I was glad it wasn’t some homeless vagavound. I can forgive myself rats. Dante made some comment about being a rat licker or something… normally I would have taken umbridge but I was just to tired and emotionally drained.

We got out of the undergound and went to our safe house. When we got there one of the servitors handed me a note. Sarah had decided to flee and she had taken Gen with her or maybe it was the other way around but they were gone. We went to court and presented our finding to the Empress.

Then Moria hired The butcher to find our runaways. The cost was high but Moria paid it. We all paid part of itin blood. We were put in contact with a tracker and they followed our quarry to a Birmingham. The next night at midnight we formalized agreements with London, then we went to oxford. The following night we arived at Birmingham. We debated presenting ourselves at the local court but decided to try and get in and get out.

The police were there at the frat house when we arrived. Gen had been taken and Sarah was looking for her. So we went looking for Sarah. Unfortunately, there was an incident involving Moria and an informant, one the informant did not survive. I am not sure what is going on there and I am pretty sure I don’t want to know. The beautiful Moria is not so beautiful at the moment.

Brenna and a friend of ours, were reuninted with our lost lamb and we all went home. I am tired and I must come up with money to fund my change.

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