Opening Entry

I don’t really know why I’m doing this. Well, I do, but it feels more than a little strange. Hamilton told me once that witches have something called a Book of Shadows. They used to have an oral tradition, passing knowledge down to members of their coven. When the persecutions started, the covens disbanded and the witches went into hiding, and so they knowledge wouldn’t be lost, they started writing it down.

So I guess this will be my Book of Shadows. I’ll record what I learn and experience. I doubt I’ll have anyone to ever share my knowledge with. I mean, Lyla and Ramiel are nice, and are kind of like family to me now, but… I don’t know. Given what my own parents did to me, is it any wonder I’m nervous?

We’re on our way to Charlotte. Ramiel has this bee in his bonnet about getting there. He won’t tell Lyla or I what it’s about. It’s almost like he’s a lemming, driven towards the sea – or in this case, Lake Champlain. Yeah, I know, lemmings don’t really run themselves over cliffs into the ocean, but the image is still a good one.

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