The Beginning

The last thing I remember in life was a feeling of anger and despair then my throat was ripped out.

Now I am in my unlife I have arisen as a creature of the night.

My sire as I have learned to call him left me in an iron cage for dead but I didn’t die. I eventually got desperate and bent the iron bars like taffie and escaped the cage.

A member of Micheal’s gang appeared and tried to talk me in to attacking someone or he would kill me.

I was going to do it when he was killed in front me but one of the people? I now call an ally. Katherine

I was brought into my new circle of friends. Kian, Brenna, Moria, Ian, Katherine and Eife.

Now its a new life of unlife, trying to adjust and learn the ropes. I will learn all I can and I will survive.

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