Round we go.

I have been named Master of Elysium, and now I have to keep the title. Eife informed me that I was not her choice for the job, I finished her sentence for her on that one. I knew that Moira was her choice, in fact she was mine as well, though she does not wish it, I knew that as well. Though it was my choice to proceed with pursuing the position, it was not my intention to obtain it. I simply did not want any of the other Kindred who decided to sit around doing nothing about he brood situation to have it. Though I cannot discard them, as they are powerful, they are not deserving of anything, not that I will ever say that out loud, it is not how we play the game is it.

So now I am in a position of power, a great deal of power that many will covet and try to take from me. I wanted a place and now that I have one I will keep it, at least until I make someone better to hold it. Really you need money and knowledge that any child of this time has. I have only faint ideas of how this time works; I have slept for a thousand years after all. I am still trying to figure out modern things, like electricity, fascinating.

I am not ignorant to my own weaknesses, and neither is the rest of the city. They know Kian is my biggest weakness, as is my wrath. They also know that nothing triggers my wrath like Kian. Now do I care about this, no, should I, yes. Bleck the whole social thing leaves a foul taste in my mouth, like dog.

The cotorie needs to be in power, and we have been successful in this, we now hold most of the positions of power, however Eife did give Primogen positions as a compromise to some others, less deserving. Veronica and Tara have been placed on the council and Elroy is some sort of ghost position. I think he may be involved in something else, and that is why he turned it down. I can not see why he would turn it down otherwise, he craves leverage over others. Veronica I want to trust because Kian does, however our recent conversation has left me less than enthusiastic about her.

Another that leaves me with a great deal of frustration is Elroy. He says we were playing a game, but now that I am in a position of power the game is over, but he still acts the same. He is an arrogant, pompous, irritating ,ugh, I loath him. He is constantly insulting me and turning my words into things they are not. I would rather not work with him and maybe I do not have to very often, after all he basically told me to stay clear of the other Nosferatu. He said that he had hoped I would leave all this foolishness, and work for him. All he wants is power over me, and I will not give it.

Veronica is another fable all together, she is a friend of Kians, and probably he has bedded her, like most everything. I hate that I love him. I wanted to be friends with her, but she stepped poorly with me, she was very demanding of me.Stating that I owed her my position, that I am only Master because she stepped aside. If she really wanted to be the MAster of Elysium then nothing would have kept her form it She stepped aside for her, not me, and I owe her nothing. Not even my friendship. I seem to have a nack for working with people that I detest, hmm good thing I like the coterie. They did pull me out of my darkness, where I was at least at home.

Now I seem to owe them, because they saved me, I have done a lot for them actually, I became something I did not want to be, and in return I have been given little, very little.

Though I must say I do have a home, and friends, that is all some need. But I have had more pain than I care to have, more hassle than I want. I am a patient one though, I can wait and see what happens. So I will wait, and watch, and play my part in the dance.

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