Court, etc

Had a meeting with Eva, Moira anad I are arranging a party , I am setting myself to be Master of Elysium , altough it was not my goal it has happened, and I feel that I can provide positions for everyone here, enough to make them happy.

Everyone in this time has to have something , or as much as they can get. It is the world of court that Dorain told me of, it makes my skin crawl. I hate it. But I have been in need of having a place in this world, and this one will allow me to work with Kian.

Speaking of him, he found out that he most likely is Dorian, but he is not certain. He knows that he was with me in that life though we can not be sure that he was in fact Dorian. But he says he remembers a time that I was hi elder sister, someone he respected, someone he still respects.

He followed me around for a day or so after finding that out. bUt quickly he returned to his ways of ignoring me. we do have an understanding, I understand that I love him and that I will never be with him again. That I have to watch him with others, and not do anything about it.

Veronica would be best to work with Kian.She knows the town and security better than anyone.

I think I can create a position for Tara that will satisfy all her wants and desires while leaving myself in the position of power. I need to be the one working with Kian, I need to have a place and this is the one I have chosen, through action and not through thought.

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