I have finally recived my bracer, and a story to go with it. I have been hearing voices since it was returned to me, and I feel it is my grandsire, I learned that they unearthed a grave with the same markign s as the bracer.

O’Shea has given me a ring to wear with the bracer, since it is possible that I can be tracked through it. The information that he gave me, the news articles, are about my grandsire Roxxana. I think. It is also possible that Seven, that group is after me because of my link to her, and not because they think I m she who sleeps. Though I was beneath and in the water, and I was sleeping, who knows maybe it is me. What a joke.Personnaly I do not care about all that, Eife is Leanan Sidhe, and so is she who sleeps, this land belongs to them, always has, always will. So what if they are responsible for what happened here, they are cleaning it up, so who cares. During our ceremony of the circle I was possessed by the spirit of gwendolyn of the Tuatha De Dannon, and she told me that if I build her Caryne on the hill of Tara, she will tell me where to find Roxxanna’s heart.

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