Third entry

Kian had asked me once if I thought he was Dorian. When I first woke I did believe him to be my sire. But I found very quickly that I was mistaken. Yet I found myself drawn to him, and developing feelings for him. I began to see a glimmer of Dorian in him, potential to be more like him.

Kian told me that he felt if we could find out if he was Dorian in a past life then it would mena to him that he was here to protect me, and that was very important to him.

I believed him, and I suppose I still do. But he pays little attention to me, and argues with me a lot. Recently he and I accompanied Eife to Armarh. We had to dig up a couple graves, why I do not know, since I was not paying attention. I tend to daze off when Eife is speaking sometimes. Usually there is someone else around who is paying attention though. She is of good intent, but way to motherly, funny that she wants me to assume the role of Mother instead of Crone. I have no idea why.

I get the impression that she is used to getting what she wants, and she wants me to be something I am not, bit truthfully I do not know what that is.

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