First Entry

I have awoken to a world that is strange to me , and it is only one room. There were many around me and as the hunger overtook me they supplied me with beasts to ravage.

The blood was that of mere animals but was enough that I could regain part of my mental capacity. The world knew has blended with the world of dreams, it is hard for me to know if I have really awakened or if I still slumber.

I have regained my form through the ancient rituals of my clan, and I have found some paper in wich to write my thoughts. If this is real then they will still be there when the nights awakwens me once more.

If not , then I will wake to find my dear sire next to me once more. Though I though I had found him , though I could not understand him ,he cringed away from me. I reached for him and he seamed afraid of me.

I realized then as they spoke that I could not understand them. The language they spoke was not that of my lands. The one called Eife (Eva) could speak as I do and she told me that it was not Dorian before me but one called Kian, and that he just looks like Dorian.

She explained that I have slept for a thousand years. The ones in the group who found and retrieved me from the prison of my slumber are to become my new family as they are all part of the Circle of the crone, The Circle that we of the Galloi follow.

Eife believes that the one known as Kian might be a reincarnation of my sire. But that remains to be seen. My sire had come to me as I lay dying from illness in my home village. But this was not the first time that I had met him.

I met Dorian as a young girl. He was a stranger to my lands. I did not understand his ways ,neither did many of the village, but he was welcomed as one of our own.

I was drawn to him as he was to me. Though our time together was short , we gave ourselves to each other eternally. When he left I knew he had to , and that I would never see him again. His differences grew to outcast him from the others and to keep peace he left the village.

I knew that was for the best and vowed to spend the rest of my life waiting for him to return to me. He did as the last days of my life passed before me. He came for me and took me away form the death that was chasing me , he welcomed me into his world , the one that had taken him away from me.

I learned that he was a kindred , one of the family Nosferatu , bloodline of the Galloi , known as the pretties. We are followers of the Circle of the Crone , and for the next five years I learned our ways. The lands were invaded and we retreated to Belfast and there Dorian decided to make a last stand with our allies the Bas Filidh, or the Lienen Sihde.

He placed me into a sleep until I could one day awaken to carry on the line and be reunited with him. I have awakened to find I am without him and the world I knew is gone. I am with those who will be my family now , but I am unable to understand them.

I will learn and hope that if this Kian is not my sire, that I will find him. I have learned that the bracer that Dorian gave to me the night he layed me to torper is in what is called a museum. It has been explained to me what that is , but there is only one that can speak to me. His name is Ian and he has comes from the new world, America. Though he is able to speak my language, he is not very skilled with it. But he is trying and was able to help me understand some of the things that are going on around me.

It seems that the religion that my mother followed has survived and grown. It has caused a war between the humans that ravages Ireland. The land is torn apart by the beliefs of the humans. Most of the kindred that resided here have either fled or been destroyed.

There are four members to our coterie. Ian the American who belongs to the order of Dracul. He is of the venture. Kian, who is of unknown origin. Moira who looks like a model and Shaun who has only been embraced about week ago. Eife and Catherine are the two that are of the circle, they serve as our guides and hope to create a new home for the Bas Filde.

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