Session Twenty

While Brenna and I were not under speaking terms the coterie limped along and tried to continue to function. We did investigate the missing Nosferatu named Redwall and this led us to an encounter with hunters immediately after we’d made our first real contact with a werewolf. With the arrival of the hunters so soon after we’d warned the werewolf of precisely that possibility, I’m not certain how we stand with them. I did not interfere with the battle, but did observe the werewolf did escape after being severely wounded.

I should note at this time that during all this time I had been working very hard to expand my mastery over Shadow. This led me to a new discovery — that not only could I see denizens of Twilight, I could interact with them by becoming a Shadow, myself. It was in this form that I was able to study these particular hunters from relative safety.

Eventually, confounded for not being able to be rid of me but knowing I was present, the hunters left and sent a mage to investigate. The mage and I communicated via Twilight, wherein he came to the believe that I was a creature of the Twilight realms. He was fascinated and wish to discuss some things with me but in exchange I asked for him to send the team of professional hunters away to the Continent. We would meet again in a week’s time.

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