Session Twenty Three & Twenty Four

Clues largely gathered by Shawn and Ian led us to conclude the issue of the blood screamers. There had been a new drug on the streets, highly addictive and very destructive, yet quite potent. Ian, Shawn and Moira did a lot of the initial footwork to uncover information about it. I was able to then contact Trent, with whom I was still on good terms, and discovered the dealers of this new drug were going to meet with the suppliers.

The coterie moved into action again, although the Hessian and his thugs were still at large. Leads pointing toward finding him had dried up and we needed to attend to the matter of this new drug immediately since it had begun to appear to us that the major component was the blood of Kindred. We suspected that a group of hunters were capturing any vampire they could for this purpose and it had to be stopped.

Ian and Moira had a bit of trouble handling opponents outside the meeting place, but I had already slipped inside, and then aboard the drug suppliers’ van before they left the meeting. The rest of the coterie had to deal with the cleanup there, but I felt I had no choice but to follow these people to their lair to confront their leader. He was a Jamaican known as the Grey Man.

Little did I know that meant literally he was the Grey Man out of legend. This is a terrible spirit capable of driving beings to depression and ultimately self-destruction. In corporeal form it was extremely difficult to destroy but I managed. But its fleeing spirit tore through me and affected me somehow. Although I had seemingly won and now had control of what was left of his organization in that place, the victory seemed hollow and meaningless. I didn’t care what happened to the ex-pushers and thugs. I sent most of them away and had the remaining fellow take me to the place the drug was manufactured.

That was horrible, in hindsight. But at the time I simply could not rouse myself to give a damn. I slaughtered ghouls on my progression through the place until I found some dozen kindred, mostly broodlings, hanging from hugs and being fed animal blood. From them blood was then drawn away and used to create the blood screamers’ drug. I found Redwall and another Kindred named Michael, called in the coterie to bring a van and we loaded up the rest of the victims. They had ingenious fire-based booby traps rigged so it would have taken more time than I had to disarm and remove it all.

Both Redwall and Michael seemed rather thankless for their rescue, though Michael was actually a thankless ass. I hope he screws up or harasses his Childer Shawn so I can teach him a lesson in humility.

I’m not sure what happened in the following night or two. I know I went to stay with Tessa and Trina. I let them have whatever they wanted of me. They probably thought they were helping me, but it just didn’t matter.

Eventually Aife cured me. Or rather she introduced me to a friend that did. In confronting my depression I was cleansed. In addition, I was able to glimpse a long-lost previous life wherein I was Brenna’s little brother. Only, I wasn’t Kian and she wasn’t Brenna. Yet we were… it’s confusing to talk about. And I did learn that in the days of Brenna and her sire Dorien I had some role in her life, though I don’t know quite what it was.

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