Session Twenty One, Twenty Two

The Hessian made another appearance. The way he did so was violent. He attacked and staked Shawn and Ian, then imprisoned them while making the excuse that he thought they were Brood. This upset me greatly, but I was commanded to handle this politically.

I convinced Moira to pose as Aife, whom the Hessian had never met before. We held a meeting in neutral territory, and things seemed to be making progress toward the release of Shawn and Ian and a cooling of relations that had certainly heated up. But then the Hessian verbally attacked the very existence of She Who Sleeps, insulted the coterie, and the city of Belfast itself. It threw Moira into a rage which she barely controlled. Seeing her distress, I immediately ordered the Hessian to leave. The scene nearly grew ugly and violent, but he did leave in peace as per the terms of the negotiation.

However, after he was gone we related what happened to Aife and she agreed; the Hessian was an enemy of the city bent on disrupting and undermining our efforts here. I stated that he should be regarded as an enemy from here on out and if seen should be reported to me immediately.

It wasn’t long before he made his first strike against us, burning Tara’s opera house and assaulting her. We were able to rescue her and destroy one of the Hessian’s Germanic hit men. We heard later that Aife and Catherine were attacked by the two remaining and destroyed another of them.

During this time we discovered Nathan Foster, the elder Foster, was alive and had many questions. We were quick to inform him of his Childer’s destruction, but we also presented him with Duff, the one responsible. He was pleased and pledged more active support of the city and the coterie’s goals of reunification.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Ian were rescued by a team called in by Aife from abroad. In addition, the informant that was suspected to have given the Hessian his information about Tara and her opera house was seized for discrediting.

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