Session Twenty Five, Twenty Six & Twenty Seven

We had turned over the captured Kindred to O’Shea who wished to handle their interrogation for us. It appeared that he, too, wanted to take a greater role in serving the needs of the city. We let him and it was fairly soon that he began to show some success gathering new information.

It should also be noted that by this time, Tessa had recovered. Of course, I helped things along with several visits to grant her the healing benefits of the Blood. Soon she was up and about. She seemed to have no idea why she had been so depressed as to want to take her life.

Acting on information from O’Shea, we attacked another brood cell in order to capture a particular singular broodling whom O’Shea believed would have the information we needed in order to hit each cell and eliminate them in rapid succession. The hit was successful; I used Tessa and Trina as well. They had been foolish enough to ask me if I might find a job for them working for the mob. The hit was bloody and terrifying enough for them that such foolish thoughts were removed from minds quite thoroughly.

We did accomplish the goal, though several brood escaped alive. We did kill a few of them including the body of a demoness that had been summoned. It seems she was the same demon that the brood in Derry had summoned. I think.

Brenna was injured badly again and fell to torpor. This time, it was She Who Sleeps who appeared through Aife in spirit (I think — this is the only way I know to explain it) and roused her so that Brenna would not miss the upcoming first Court event run by Aife and her coterie.

I met with that mage. He did remove the professional vampire hunters from the city — for now. One less thing, you know? He asked me some questions, none of any particular interest to me. I did find out a little about him, however. Real names were not traded and I left him believing I was a spirit of Twilight whose duty it was to shield the material world from dark forces from beyond. The fact that it was at least half true helped the deception.

I also encountered that demon again. Astarte or some such. She was a tempting bitch, I’ll give her that. Still I held out. I know that she cannot yet harm me or pass to the material world again until she is summoned. I’m hoping that we’ll kill the rest of the brood and stop that.

Veronica and I held a clan meeting, mostly because the other clans were doing it. Our is the smallest of the city with only two members counting both of us. It was really a date. I enjoyed it very much. I so wanted her body by the end of the evening but she held out for fear of drawing Brenna’s wrath upon her. I reasoned that Brenna didn’t need to find out, but Veronica held strong for both of us. It was probably the wiser choice.

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