Session Sixteen

Unfortunately, during a further investigation of Derry, Lorien had a mishap. I asked him to scout the cemetery, but apparently he was ambushed. The rest of us then proceeded to the cemetery to discover what happened to him and ended up in a pitched battle with both broodlings and their ghouled servants. It was a near thing, but we managed to overcome those who had been left to occupy us. The rest had managed to wrest from Lorien’s mind the location of the haven we had in Derry.

I assumed, correctly mind you, that they would then attack it, so we retreated to a backup haven of which Lorien had no knowledge of prior to being questioned by the brood. Brenna managed to get word to Tessa, who had been assigned the task of looking after the primary haven, so that she could evacuate herself and what of our belongings she might be able to grab on the way out.

Soon after, the brood again ambushed members of the coterie. This time was Shawn and Brenna, who had been hunting together. While Shawn frenzied publicly, Brenna was taken down. However, the brood assassin was nonetheless stopped. Perhaps it was fate, though. Shawn, in his mad flight across the city, found the last, most secret haven used by the brood and brought word of what he’d seen to us when he reunited with the coterie.

We had, at that time, been investigating some information that had fallen into our hands. Namely, we were checking the flats of some brood ghouls, one of which was left in a gruesome state, with the ghoul still alive but slowly dying. I tried to question him and even offer him mercy. But clearly, he was lost to the ways of the Brood of Belial. We left him to face his fate alone.

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