Session Seventeen

Brenna, having been torpored by the brood assassination attempt, returned to us once again after having been awakened by our allies. I’m not completely sure who did it this time. It may have been Aife or Catherine.

We fell upon the brood sanctuary and fought our way past hell hounds of the most vicious nature, and guarding broodlings. Their numbers had been much reduced due to our previous encounters, but for the first time I realized how dangerous trained and ghouled attack animals could be. Nevertheless we pressed on after dispatching them and engaged the masters of the brood.

Moloch and Elia, the masters of this cell were engaged, pursued and destroyed as a group effort. In fact, Brenna and Shawn both fell to torpor, leaving very few of us to handle a demon that had been successfully summoned. Fortunately, Aife had the foresight to send us a mage ally for us who dispatched her. The demon severely damaged and almost destroyed Moira.

Kris, one of the two remaining local Kindred of Londonderry, took Brenna in a frenzied attempt to escape the blood and destruction. I pursued her, however, and cornered her but was able to peaceably take Brenna away.

After Brenna’s recovery once more, Aife took the two of us with her to locate a couple Kindred in the ancient town of Armagh. It took some doing, and on the way we met a man of faith who was able to affect us with the symbol of his faith; the cross. But ultimately he cooperated without a fuss and we had a meeting with the elusive Kindred. Aife drew up a contract with them and it appears we shall be friendly with these neighbors.

I find it fascinating because these two form a splinter group of the Lancea Sanctum. They are more… liberal in their view of the world, at least in comparison with their brethren. I believe they can be made allies in time.

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