Session Fourteen, Fifteen

Tessa and Trina’s new exotic dancing routine has made them popular, but of course this has raised crowd expectations. They try to live up to their opening act, enhanced as it was by Brenna’s magic, but they have fallen a bit short. None the less no one can deny they are attractive and skilled. I think that it is good to provide them with this goal to pursue.

Moira, as I understand it, has taken up a job as well as a professional escort. I know that she has a very strong libido and I hope that doesn’t get her into trouble since I think that the particular escort service she is now working for has certain standards. Apparently, they are not whores.

I captured a broodling in my neighborhood and immediately remanded him to Aife’s custody. Where she puts these dangerous prisoners, I have no idea. But they are off the street. And the truth is, many of them don’t survive my techniques to capture them. It’s hard to feel guilty about that, given what they are.

In Derry, Shawn and Brenna discovered that a local Kindred was under siege by the brood that had overrun the area. They have thus far avoided invading his place, though at that time I didn’t know why that was.

We discovered where a brood meeting was to be held. We surveyed the junkyard and prepared. I was able to disrupt their planned ritual and sacrifice, and Moira got the prisoner free while I went to aid the rest of the coterie in dealing with the brood. I had, by that time, already dispatched what I thought to be the leaders of this particular ceremony with Moira’s aid and scared off their ghouled servants.

Ultimately, Brenna was badly injured. She was taken by a Kindred resident and brought to Hal, who raised her to consciousness from torpor. I wasn’t very happy with that little event as it seemed a political move on Hal’s part to begin making inroads on our coterie. I don’t take kindly to any external influence of our members, save for Aife’s.

Ian was taken away as a corpse by the PSNI and brought to the morgue, but I retrieved him and sent him home to recover on his own. Aife found a replacement for him, or at least someone who could fill in while Ian recovered from torpor. He was a Nos named Lorien. Interesting fellow.

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