Session Eighteen, Nineteen

After having dealt with Derry, we returned to Belfast and resumed our investigation of brood cells there. We ended up running into a some broodlings and more or less totalling a new SUV provided by Veronica to Moire. But, Brannigan was able to fix it up (given time) for a fee.

I tried to be more attentive to Brenna. I had noticed we’d drifted apart since we’d made love that first time. She was often so very angry and jealous that I’m still not sure how to deal with it. She left a note that I should see her perform at a little club near the college, so I did. I didn’t see her for hours though, and eventually my eye was drawn to that upon which I feed. I partook to fill myself, but still she had not appeared on stage.

It was around that time I met her. She was exceptionally attractive. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone like her. But the timing couldn’t have been worse. Brenna performed then. It was a beautiful song, I think, though I only understood a few words. I learned later that the song was meant for me and that it was about she and I.

But I was entranced by this other woman. I see it now as a terrible, terrible situation but at the time I just couldn’t see past her. I followed her out back into a garden or park. I don’t really know what it was. We had incredible, lovely sex. I didn’t feed upon her and that was probably wise because it turns out that she was a Fey who had possessed the body of some mortal victim. Of course, the Sidhe woman left her and she suddenly found herself having had sex with a stranger. She screamed bloody rape, and I left.

Brenna was understandably very upset with me. I think. You see I dind’t find out how upset she was, because she wasn’t there when I returned to the cafe. We’d never really manged to get together for more than a few words that whole evening. Saddened, I relapsed yet again and went home with a young, vibrant, buddying lawyer who was after pure, fun sex. It took my mind off things.

Until we were pursued on the way by Brenna, who then tried to beat down the door. Note that this was in a women’s dormitory on a college campus. Well, the long and short of it was that I drew Brenna off and paid the lawyer for the damage to the car. Nonetheless, I think she’ll be looking to hook up with me again soon.

Brenna’s rage continued in cold revenge. She upset Tessa, who as a ghoul has a fragile mindset anyway, and got her questioning her existing. She attempted suicide but ended up in critical condition at the hospital. There was a lot more going on with the city and coterie in general during this time, but I was so disturbed by what I saw as an attempt to destroy my ghouls in a selfish act of revenge that I honestly remember little else.

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