Adan, who had me refer to him as my Sire, trained me for six months. during that time I learned to wield the stealthiest and perhaps deadliest weapon civilization has to offer. That is, a knife. In the hands of a skilled fighter, the knife is the most effective close-combat weapon there is. They can be hidden on your person, drawn nearly instantly, thrown, whatever.

He also taught me how to use the dark places to hide. He taught me patience and what I was made to do. I am a warrior, but firstly I am a defender. I am to protect my world against those things that go bump in the night. I am to find my place in the world, and serve my duty. In truth, my purpose burns in my blood. I’ve always wanted direction in my life, and my Sire has taught me that the only way a Childe of his can find purpose in this world is to find my calling and to Serve. We are Khaibit, and ancient and proud line, but one who has become lost over the centuries, or so my Sire told me. He told me of our line’s original purpose as he knew it to be and imparted me with that same knowledge and conviction.

It was his path to protect and preserve an ancient thing, a remnant of a line of Kindred that were here long before the coming of the Invictus or the Lancea Sanctum to this land. He served the Magda, whether she knew or cared, it didn’t matter. He did what must be done to preserve and hide her existence from a dark world of jealous Kindred that would seek to track her down and destroy her.

After six months of intensive training on Kindred society, what little he knew of it, of the power inherent in my blood and his, and how to be a warrior, my Sire decided it was time for me to begin to make my own way in the world, to seek out my own destiny.

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