The Beginning

The night my family died is a blur.

It was an unusual thing for us to all have dinner at the same time. I was old enough that I was out of school and had my own job. Mom and Dad were usually busy with the farm. My “kid” sister was sixteen and very active in school. So the fact that we’d all sat down together to have dinner was a rarity.

Mom always wanted that family feeling of eating together. And once or twice a week we would make her happy and sit down together to enjoy a meal she always worked hard on. I always thought Mom was the best cook in the whole county, so it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice to me. But my sister Maggie treated it like a punishment.

When it happened we had barely finished saying a blessing over dinner. The door burst open and then it was all screams and fangs and blood. I really don’t remember what happened to them in those next few seconds, and I’m glad for that. I do remember seeing my kid sister get ripped in half. I saw another monster tear my father’s head from his shoulders and hold his body over its head, all while drinking his blood.

I didn’t want to see it. Nor did I want to hear my mother scream and scream until her voice grew weak and I knew that when she went silent, she was dead. But I didn’t have a choice. Someone had already ripped open my belly. My legs were numb, I was in terrible pain and couldn’t move.

The She arrived. I thought it was another monster at first, but this one attacked my family’s killers, tearing them apart even as they had torn us apart. They shrieked and were reduced to piles of ash, one after the other. She was soon finished with them, then paused long enough to eye me as I lay on the ground dying. She was beautiful in a feral kind of way. She looked like a teenager, about the age of my sister unless you looked into her eyes. Then it felt like staring into a vast ocean, something ageless and primal.

She disappeared as suddenly as she arrived and I don’t know how long I lay there. I know that I felt a shadow pass over me and when I opened my eyes I saw the being who was to be my savior.

His name is Adan FitzTancred and he made me what I am today. I guess he took pity on me, although he says that since the Magda spared me, she meant me to survive. He couldn’t save my life as it was. No one could do that. I was already dead, but just didn’t know it yet. Instead, he shared his immortality with me.

The next night, I rose from the shallow earthen grave he’d dug for me as one of the Kindred. I was reborn as a being of shadow and blood. I was reborn as a vampire.

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