Sessions Five, Six and Seven

During this time I achieved regnancy over Tessa and Trina. They are convinced they are in love with me; such is the power of the Blood. But they are most malleable now and I continue their training. It is a busy life to try to counter all the evils of a city overrun by Brood and worse as well as train mortal henchmen, but it must be done.

As part of my plan of increasing influence over my own neighborhood and neighboring ones, I began to prowl the streets and put down criminals who bothered me or folks who had to live on the streets. I don’t suffer scavengers or parasites.

In February, I took part in rituals of the Circle of the Crone for the first time. While not a full member, Aife still has me charged as protector. I oversee things more than I participate, but I do find them fascinating. There is more to the Circle than just Kindred; a large portion of the pagan flock is made up of young people around college age.

It was about this time that we discovered an item hidden by Duff. It appears to be the heart of his sire, still possessed of her soul. It seems he had a point to his ruthless and cruel tortures; he was trying to find a way to bring his sire back full into the world rather than being forced to continue to languish in a slowly rotting piece of meat. It is unknown whether his Sire had fallen to the same desperate path to power that Duff had. In fact, nothing at all is known about her.

I also had my first encounter with an agent from London, someone who claimed to represent the Empress’ (so she styled herself) interests. Although Brenna had panicked and frenzied at the sight of the wolf-dog, I was able to hold her long enough to allow her to regain her composure. She apparently has a particular hatred of wolves. I sent her along to Bunnies, the club Tessa and Trina have begun working at. It was a strip club and Brenna was quite lost there, but I didn’t realize that until later.

The meeting went well enough. He called himself The Hessian and we came to terms on how to get messages back and forth to each other via tying a ribbon upon a particular tree in a park.

In pursuit of knowledge, Ian and others of the coterie had Duff re-awakened. I was not present, being informed that they could handle it. Apparently, they very nearly were overpowered by him, even in his weakened state. Perhaps they will take it as a lesson that caution is wiser than bravado, but I doubt it. I also doubt they learned much of significance from him, but I would like to be wrong on that point.

I was given a new task during this event by Aife to track down a survivor of the slaughter of the ruling Kindred last year. Her name is Veronica and is thought to be the one member of my Clan present in the town. I was eager to locate her, and eventually was able to discover a contact, a lawyer, through whom I might meet her. I set up a meeting date, then continued my expansion of influence through the Ardoyne and North Ardoyne areas.

In so doing, I took it upon myself to clear up an irritating problem. The local drug gang kept shooting at our new haven. It was time to meet with their leader and straighten things out. Via my new contacts on the street, I found the nearest heroin house. Moira and I investigated and found a very cooperative young female drug addict. She told us everything we wanted to know in exchange for a bit of sex, of which Moira and I were happy to partake with her.

This led us to Trent. He was at a local underground fight and I met with him, explained that Duff’s gang was out and I was in place now, and didn’t want trouble. Thanks to Brenna’s gift, which somehow made me far more personable to people than I usually come off, he agreed. In fact, I even made an impression upon the local crime boss, MacMasters.

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