Session Two

I wasn’t in Belfast with my new Coterie long before we began to explore our new home. Ardoyne was rough, to be certain. But we could hide there. And, it wasn’t terribly far to the nearest pub, named Kelley’s.

I rather liked that place, actually. I felt I could fit in there, because it didn’t feel all that different from the pubs I used to frequent back home in Donagle. I decided that since this place was so close to our new haven, it should be a place of peaceful gathering. None of its patrons should ever be fed from. It was too risky. Besides, I like their company.

Next we went to a much further place called the Shamrock. It was exciting and full of single people. I suppose it might be a meat market in a very real sense, because we all found hunting there to be very easy. I met Tessa and Trina that very first night and, even though the two of them professed no interest in having sex with each other, I discovered that soon enough, they were putty in my hands.

They were out of work, but good looking women and they took to the taste of my Vitae very well, as I knew they would. They didn’t know it, but in only a few nights they were my willing slaves. At this time, I mostly just used them for sex and company, but I had plans even then which have extended until recent times. I would make warriors and spies of them, teach them a bit of my power. Through them my own strength would grow and multiply even as I myself learned and grew.

And I mentioned the sex, didn’t I? Eager to please, they even took to amusing me by having sex with each other. I know what you are thinking, that I’m a twisted pervert. Maybe, but we all have our little vices, don’t we? Mine just happen to be carnal. And, at least Tessa and Trina are treated well. They may have become blood-addicted slaves, but I do not abuse them or punish them arbitrarily like many Kindred masters I have scene. I even reward them with what they love best when they do well, and I treat them with respect.

In that sense, I suppose my own Kindred society considers me somehow perverted as well. Fortunately, I don’t care. Anyway, I want to see them succeed and survive this. One day, I hope to make one of them my own Childe and teach them the ways of the Khaibit.

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