Session Three & Four

Aife introduced the newest member of our Coterie. His name is Ian and he is of a mysterious Covenant called the Order of Dracul. I won’t profess to know anything about that group, but nor do I really care.

But Ian appears to be quite knowledge in Occult matters and his addition should be of benefit to the group. He’s not a warrior like Shawn and myself, but more of an information specialist, just as Moire and Brenna specialize in various social aspects.

And his addition has proved quite worthwhile. Aife gave us our first goal, that is to acquire a new and better haven. The challenge of course (with Aife, there is always a challenge of some kind attached), was to evict the current residents. These happened to be vicious, feral vampires known as Brood. I think. I was never completely clear on the matter, but the fact that we discovered them to be kidnapping people, torturing them to death and doing worse things made our attack upon them more than justified.

In fact, we were able to rescue a few of the captured and horribly abused women after we managed to neutralize the head of the group, known as Duff.

We quickly took possession of the building and made it our own. We even made acquaintance with our neighbor, which was tricky since he wasn’t exactly human. I really can’t explain that statement. I’d leave it to men such as Ian to explore that. I know he’s not a supernatural threat and that is enough. If he had been, however, there in no doubt in my mind that I would have had to find a way to destroy him. Such threats are not to be tolerated in our city. Not anymore. Not while I’m here.

By the way, Aife approved of my choices in terms of voteries. By that, I refer to Tessa and Trina. My Sire had taught me some of the pagan ways of old and the Covenant I am now a part of holds them in high regard. I am a member of the Circle of the Crone, and Aife is the reigning Heirophant, or leader of the covenant. Thus, it is up to her to approve those I wish to adopt as my own, whether that be servant or voterie.

Around this time, Shawn and Brenna managed to get in trouble with the police. It was to prove the beginning of a series of clashes that seems to continue to this day. They never seem to go looking for trouble, but there it is. Wrong place, wrong time.

It’s a challenge for them, not a mortal danger, however. Therefore, I mostly leave them to deal with it. If things get carried away or endanger the coterie as a whole, I’ll have to step in and do something about it. But for now, they deal with it.

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