Session Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen

Soon after the first Brood cell was wiped out, the Circle affirmed Moira and Brenna’s status as Acolytes and welcomed Shawn as a voterie. Later, I revealed ambitions to Aife to become Guardian of Belfast and of the coterie. She accepted my appointment as such but first tested me against the entire Coterie. It was a long test in which they used fire to prevent me from achieving the conclusion of the test, but ultimately I did prevail.

We also received word of a Brood cell active in Derry, and what few Kindred might be there were under siege. It was time to lift this siege and liberate the Kindred there. However, much reconnaissance was necessary and unfortunately our preparations took a good deal of time.

In the meanwhile I executed a theft of a comic book for the crime boss, MacMasters. I used Tessa and Trina in this and met with good success. We even attempted to make the victim’s life a bit better. He might never even notice the loss since we replaced it with a counterfeit. MacMasters was pleased and agreed to toss some jobs my way from time to time.

Then Brenna did something unexpected. She helped my Tessa and Trina, making them exceptionally alluring with her supernatural powers. They both then launched an exotic dancing career together and were received extremely well. I was surprised by this because Brenna had displayed jealousy over my spending time with them and certainly did not enjoy entertaining the thought of me having sex with them. Of their own volition, they purchased Brenna a beautiful dress as a thank you.

Reconnaissance in Derry then led to an encounter with a pair of Brood that were tormenting a mortal. Brenna and I engaged them and dispatched them, but narrowly avoided being spotted by the police. I led them away from the scene in a car chase. I ended it by driving the care off a bridge and leaping free. It was a narrow escape but it did work. On the way back on foot, I encountered a werewolf for the first time on my own. It seems he was more curious than hostile, however.

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