Session Nine

At this point, the team assembled for the mission. Veronica’s had a ghoul whose purse had been taken by a Brood cell and she was fearful what they might learn from her servant. After blessings granted by Aife, we assembled and descended upon the brood, splitting into two groups.

One group consisted of Brenna and Ian, where were less adept in a fight and they were to verify whether a neighboring house were occupied by Brood ghouls and if so, neutralize them. Well, they did the neutralizing, though I’m not all that sure there were any Brood ghouls. But they survived and that’s always a positive.

The rest of were reinforced with Brannigan, a local fighting Kindred, and Catherine, a nutty but cute little Venture Kindred. We hit the main house pretty hard. Our plan was to gang up on individual brood members and take each one down with maximum speed and efficiency. We essentially mowed through them very rapidly, ending with a confrontation with the elder. I ran him down and confused him within a swathe of darkness under my command when Catherine display unusual kindness in her request to allow Shawn to have the kill. I let Shawn have him.

The cell was thus terminated. Once again we bore witness to the depravities the Brood inflicted upon their human victims — this need not be detailed here, but know that it was truly horrible. The elder had the ability to drain vitae from a group of victims remotely and with horrid results for the victims.

We did recover the purse of the ghoul servant that belonged to Veronica. She was a mousy, scared little woman and she had right to be. Veronica intended to punish her for allowing herself to be assault and the purse taken. It seemed to be the last straw by Veronica’s reaction, or perhaps she just didn’t react to failure well.

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