Session Eight

I had intimate relations with Brenna. By that I mean sex. It was… unusual. Brenna is a very strange creature, herself. Alluring yet with an unsettling air about her. In short I could not resist what was offered me. Perhaps it was a mistake, for she takes the offering of herself extremely seriously. But I have to admit the sex was very good for someone as unaccustomed to it as she was. I remember thinking this could be very interesting. That turned out to be a vast understatement — but that’s another story for later.

I assisted the coterie in their investigations. A girl had been kidnapped by a local terrorist group and we went digging for clues, only to run into some Red Hand Defenders. They were defeated fairly handily, of course and information gleaned. This led to a location of a party and we practically walked in on an assassination. It didn’t really concern me; one bad person being offed by another. Only in this case the assassin was female and had used sex to get close to her quarry, then shot him in the head. Actually, she turned out to be quite pleasant and cooperative. She gave us the address where a kidnap victim was being held. We turned it into the police for reward money, and the local military got the credit and the glory for saving the daughter of a bishop. It was a public relations coupe for the British, really.

And we were a bit richer for it. All in all, a profitable and useful evening.

I was able to finally meet with Veronica shortly after that. she had a bit of a problem with a ghoul of hers having been assaulted and her purse taken by a Brood cell and we agreed to help her with it. I must say, she too is quite beautiful. How is it I am so fortunate that I am surrounded by such lovely women? I thought the hammer would fall sooner or later, and eventually it did. But that is a story yet to come.

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