The Mansion

Timeline: September 20, 2000

Lyla watched Ramiel disappear through the woods back toward the village they’d left behind earlier in the day. She did love surprises. It excited her, actually, to the point that she was fidgeting. As she watched the last bit of Ramiel’s deep green cloak disappear into the night she glanced about their small camp site.

They each had one, very small tent which were pitched side by side and faced a small fire. The flickering firelight illuminated her smooth, pale face and glittered against her black hair. Her brown-black eyes seemed to swallow the small amount of light as she tried to think of what to do while she waited.

In the other direction rose a tall, three-story mansion complete with barn, pasture, stables, and servants quarters. There was some activity as a black-suited driver brought a limousine around. Within less than an hour by Lyla’s reckoning, the sun had set and electric lamps had to be used to provide enough light on this moonless, cloudy night.

A young woman appeared to direct her man-servant to load the trunk with enough luggage to last her at least a week, Lya guessed. Had Lyla been closer she might have noticed the young lady was rather flushed, and fussed with her hair and clothes. Later, the wealthy woman boarded the limo and it quietly pulled away.

She stared at the mansion for a long minute as the car slowly disappeared from sight. A little smile began to draw across her attractive, deceptively innocent face. Something had caught her eye as she stared at the main house.

“Well, Ramiel. Perhaps I will have a very pleasant little surprise waiting for you, as well.” She flipped up the hood of her midnight-blue cloak and slipped through the dark toward the sleepily waiting mansion.

Ramiel was pleased with himself as he lay naked upon the bed. He had managed to sneak into the house, and bed, of the lady of the mansion. It was his fastest record yet. He did not find much enjoyment himself, but then it was a rush job really. He seemed to have a knack for spotting the women who needed just what he could give them.

This time he had done it so he could offer Lyla this beautiful mansion for a time. The lady had been grateful, and a bit naughty herself, and instructed her servants to allow them to stay.

As he rose from the bed to go get Lyla, he heard a noise downstairs, and went to see what it was. His body was still sweat moistened from his activities, his chest was bare and glistened in the light since all he had time to put on was pants.

What met his eyes on the middle landing of the grand staircase was the image of a dark-cloaked woman with black silk gloves. She froze for a moment as she stared up at him, then let her hood fall back.

Lyla smiled up at Ramiel. “Sorry love, if I’d known you were here, I would have knocked.” Behind her, across the expanse of hall, the front door stood slightly ajar and the butler was conspicuously absent.

There was, however, a middle-aged maid gagged and bound by her hands to the railing at the base of the staircase.

Ramiel walked smoothly past her to the maid at the base of the staircase. “Though I do love a bound woman, we are guests here, and this will not be necessary. But if you would like to give this a go, I would be happy to oblige.”

He untied the maid, and calmed her down. After assuring her everything was fine, she went on about her business.

He turned once again to face Lyla. “Now, I guess someone could not wait for their gift, hmmm?”

She gave him a mischievous smile and approached him with catlike, sensual grace. She stopped inches from him and lightly touched his smooth chest with her fingertips. “I thought you went to town, my devious Ramiel.”

Unexpectedly, she tasted him. She ran her warm tongue along his sternum in slow, sensual motion then looked up at him as she sampled his slightly salty flesh. She smiled widely. “But I see that you’ve already paid for our stay.”

His eyes followed her every movement. He kept his body motionless beneath the sensation of her tongue gliding across his skin. Even the suprise was kept from his eyes, but the need was not.

He leaned forward pressing his body against the full length of hers, with his lips hovering over hers he spoke, “You are teasing me.”

Her scent made his heart race, and seeing the look in her eyes as his body made her notice how she was affecting him, he stepped back, putting a few steps between them.

The triumph in her eyes was a reflection of her smile. “Of course I’m teasing you. Would you expect any less?” They’d always skirted the edges of propriety. They knew each other so very well that they weren’t mere friends. They were best of friends, confidants, constant companions. Ramiel had always known Lyla had certain appetites and they’d joked before. But she hadn’t looked at him like this before. At least, not when he’d notice.

Her eyes traced his body down to his crotch. She made a plaintive sound. “It’s not fair. You got to sample a rich young girl tonight. I have no one but myself for company.” She barely restrained herself from reaching out and grasping his member right through his pants. But that wouldn’t have been appropriate at all, would it?

The intensity of her eyes made his breath quicken. He squirmed ever so slightly as his pants grew ever tighter. He knew she was teasing him; the least he could do was return the favor. If she was not repulsed by his obvious desire of her, then he was going to push it as far as he could. He closed the distance between them once more.

Running his fingers through her silky ebony hair, he traced the ends across his lips. A low moan purred from deep within his throat.

“No one but yourself, my sweet? Why, that can be just as entertaining,” he said. “Especially with the right audience.”

She tilted her head in curiosity and pushed aside her cloak so she could put a hand on her gorgeous hip. “Hm,” she considered. “I simply can’t imagine what sort of person might enjoy seeing a woman in such a state.”

She let her arm fall back to her side and then gazed up into his eyes. The dark brown of his nearly-black eyes was echoed in her own. “Do you?”

For a moment, he was uncertain. He wondered, was she repulsed by his comment?

“Have I offended you my dearest Lyla?” he asked dramatically.

She laughed softly. It was a sweet sound, but it was also taunting. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

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