Elemix and Emmeline Reunite in Uzec

Elemix had left for Uzek in great haste on order of Rivanon to protect Emmeline…

When he and a half-dozen of Rivanon’s troops arrived in town in the late afternoon of the next day, he felt there was a eerie calm among the people. Elemix had received no messages from Vorn either – nothing for the past couple days. Alix was gone. Giselle flailing from murderous fury to abject despair. He wanted to stay, but Rivanon gave him one mission – protect his cousin at all costs until she returned to Uzek.

Elemix wasn’t stupid. Hugo must have made some kind of sacrifice or deal up there, but even with that all the rest must have been planned for months now. He did not know who he could trust save for a few. How was this all connected? The Tyaanites? Maybe. Or just coincidence? Doubtful.
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Zoe and Emmeline

Zoe and Emmeline arrived near Uzec. Zoe deftly transformed from a giant eagle to herself again. As they approached the gates, guards led them in. Sir Videl, the Baroness’ seneschal met them and made sure Emmeline was escorted to the safety of their quarters where Mirel and Amelie joined them. After introducing herself to them, Zoe examined Emmeline carefully making sure any wounds had not harmed the babies.

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Meeting Zoe

Very soon after her arrival back in Cerisey, Emmeline decided she needed to make the trek to the Vale to visit Zoe. With Kalista in tow, she made her way into the valley of the Vale.

Zoe met them at the edge of the Vale, where the treetops surrounding the Mother Tree could be glimpsed.

“Emmeline,” she said with a small bow. “It is pleasing to see you. As it is you Kalista.”

“Zoe, I see you are well. It has been a long time apart from the Vale. Is everything okay here?”
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Tea with the Baroness – September 3rd, 488

Emmeline was brought out to the Baroness’ stables by one of the house servants, one of the guards and with their ladies in waiting, Lady Ana of Derrienport (Rivanon’s second cousin by Lord Arles), Lady Melisende de Tierney (Rivanon’s cousin by her aunt Lady Delphine de Tierney, recently arrived from Adera), Lady Amelie de Gamache, and Mademoiselle Mirel De Garin. A litter with two servant awaited Emmeline. They all went into the garden field and set down a picnic. After some small talk and gossip, the Baroness asked, “My Lady de Cerisey, you had wanted to talk. What would you like to discuss?”

“Ah! I had hoped for a chance to explain why I was gone so long,” Emmeline said. “Unless you already know?”
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Home at Last

Emmeline traveled to Cerisey in the company of Kalista. She was anxious to get a first look at how her little manor was coming but she also wanted to catch up with Riok and his wife, as perhaps visit with the town folk a while. She knew the harvest should be very bountiful this year, but if too many young men and women were taken into the legion, she worried about how the crop might actually get harvested.

The sounds of construction were going on at the manor. Two dozen men, perhaps four from the village that she recognized, were working on updating the manor. It was mostly the same structure, but with a new addition for Riok and his wife, and the rest were repairs and a new barn. A dwarf was directing the work.
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The Coup Epilogue (the first in awhile…)

Lord Hugo the Disinherited was dead, his body consumed in his hate for his father and what he perceived as wrongs against him. His friend the defrocked wizard Skall was dead. Sixteen conspirator mercenaries were dead. Twenty-nine of the City Guard were dead. Nearly half the Ducal Guard, many of the Duke’s advisors, and his wizard Magus Alix were dead. Of the surviving Ducal Guard, all but a few were part of the conspiracy and had fled or were captured. Six men remained to protect the citadel.

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Antaré, Vanawë, and the Mother Tree

The city of Antaré was so beautiful to Emmeline, and to think all her life it was but a single day from her home. The elves who lived here called it the Shore of Forever or the Kindly Isles. Long ago a human hero stumbled upon the Isles and during his visit did some great deed for the royal family and the people. It has never been forgotten, of so the rumor said. Even today, on the far tip of the Upper Isle where the mists give way to the sea, a small fortified outcropping is manned by Thalassan paladins to Aarith, including the Just like Sister Typhon Ne. But other than thatnfew Thalassans and none of anyone else visit this place. The mists ensure that. Continue reading “Antaré, Vanawë, and the Mother Tree”

Adela to the Rescue

Emmeline walked with Renee to the great park east of the City. This was Renee’s last night for three months and she insisted on escorting Emmeline to find a place cast her dream spell. As they walked, Renee asked, “Ma’am, are you sure you want me to join the Wizard’s Guild. I mean, you don’t like them that much. I didn’t want to bring this up in front of Elemix as I know how much he cares about it.”

“It’s a matter of trust,” Emmeline said. “I find there are very few wizards I trust. But you, I do trust. So in that sense, you would be an asset to me as a member of the wizard’s guild. You would be one more person I could trust.” Continue reading “Adela to the Rescue”

Recovery and Trepidation

The dinner table was quiet as people ate. A messenger had arrived and whisked Typhon away. Something at the Temple she was needed for. Emmeline took the liberty to send a report back on the Hag attack. Poor Felix left with Typhon to journey back home, promising to be of service to the group should they wish him. He owed them his life, not knowing that the destruction was as much due to the party being hunted. The Parson was in with Elemix, helping with his recovery.

Mazarin de Garin, Emmeline’s uncle, and his wife Beatrice were at one end of table. Spaced along the rest was Therise (32) and her husband Ronan, Josephine (29) and her husband Bruno, Germain (24), Maurice (15) who was Mirel’s twin, Chandler (14) and the one non-de Garin – Renee (16). Emmeline sat next to Renee and Chandler on the far end. Mazarin’s children by his first wife were not here. The sounds of young grandchildren could be heard from the other room. Continue reading “Recovery and Trepidation”